About us

Carbotex fishing line is the product of Balazs Filament Technologies (BFT) Ltd of Hungary.

Tha family business started in 1980 with the production of raw materials for the plastic and tire industry. In the early 1990's the profile extended to manufacturing monofilaments. By the mid 90's the monofil branch became self-sufficient. BFT was formed in 1996. Currently it produces almost 10% of all sportfishing monofilaments. BFT has lined up with partners in Canada, the Midde East, Australia and New Zealand.

Carbotex fishing lines made its official entry in the US market in March 2008, with its first ad in the In-Fisherman magazine. The goal of the company is to reinvest its revenues in the US market, increasing brand recognition of Carbotex and emphasizing the high quality and reliability of the product.